Some of the ingredients that go into every one of our websites...

Fast & Reliable

No one likes a slow website.

Using clever design & build techniques we make sure your website is fast loading so your visitors aren't left waiting and go elsewhere.

Fully Editable

You have the power!

After launch, you are in control of your content. You can add sections, pages, text, images and more, ensuring the site grows as your business does.

Images & Graphics

An image says a thousand words.

Not got great images? We have access to a huge stock photo library and can use these images throughout your site, at no extra cost (within reason of course!)

Built with SEO

Making sure your site gets seen.

Your website will be built with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) at its core and every step ensuring Google loves to read your site as much as your visitors do.

Fully Responsive

A modern website for all devices.

A fully responsive website means it looks and works amazingly on all size screens and devices, from mobile phones to large screen TVs... even smart fridges!

Fully Tested

It has to work great as well as look great.

Not every user is using a modern browser and fast internet. Your Website will be tested on multiple browsers in multiple environments for perfection.

Every site needs a home.

We offer the perfect hosting for your new website. Not all hosting packages use the latest technologies and provide adequate performance and security. We make sure you don’t have to worry.

Backups, security, updates, monitoring… we’ve got you covered!

A Website for your Business, Made Easy

It's what we do... the right way!


Get in Touch

We don't bite!

We'll listen to your needs and goals, then recommend a perfect solution for you at a fixed price. We hate jargon as much as you do, so our chats are nice and friendly. Simply Get In Touch.


The Magic

At least we think it is.

After agreeing on a plan of action, we create the structure of your website then send you a live link to view it. We then work with you to get everything just perfect for you and your audience.



Unleash the users.

Once finished, thoroughly tested, and everyone is super happy, we will move your new website to its permanent home and make sure everything is running smoothly and perfectly for you and your users.

We treat you as we’d like to be treated… like a human

We don’t charge you an hourly fee for five minutes tinkering. There are no mandatory ongoing fees, and you own your site at launch.

We don’t do silly things like limit the number of revisions you’re allowed. We are flexible and will do what’s right to make sure the project is a success… even if that means telling you if we don’t agree with something. We will always explain our decisions and help you understand what works best for your website.

No, we are not really Pixel People! Web Design Projects Hampshire Web Design Prices Hampshire
Web Design Projects Hampshire Web Design Prices Hampshire
Web Design Projects Hampshire Web Design Prices Hampshire
Web Design Projects Hampshire Web Design Prices Hampshire

How much does all this magic cost?

You shouldn’t have to sell your Granny (not that we’d judge you if you did!). When it comes to costs, we have a “let’s talk about it” attitude.

Our bespoke web design is priced based on your needs. A project could be anywhere from £800 to £4,000 and beyond, dependent on many different factors.

The best thing to do is get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking. We’re incredibly transparent and will let you know what costs what.

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