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The team at Eldo Web Design has created an amazing website for us. The team was most professional in its approach, attending to all our requirements diligently and never hesitated in making any changes where required. Everything was done in a timely fashion, with a smile, and the end product is a great website that will hopefully push our business forwards. I would recommend their services without any hesitation. Murli Krishna, Pain Spa

A little bit about the project...

Pain Spa are based in Bristol but found us via a Google search, loved our work and got in touch. An established company, their website and logo was beginning to look outdated and starting to hurt business. Our job? To bring the companies image into the modern ages!

The Branding

The logo consists of three separate elements that can be used in many ways, the icon, text and strap-line. The icon can be found on social media pages for example. We also recreated all of Pain Spa’s marketing material and downloads from the site to keep the new branding going strong. You can see an example of a downloadable PDF Here.

Pain Spa Web Design Bristol

The Website

The website has two main focusses – to educate and to gain new clients. The site has over 120 pages not including the ever growing Blog and Case Studies. Our main focus was to ensure that users can navigate these pages easily and know how to keep navigating to get more information once they have what they need.

The team at Pain Spa have a flexible layout for their main pages allowing them to include certain types of information and media as needed, like videos, downloads and PDFs. But if a condition or procedure doesn’t include these – the layout adapts to make sure everything still looks and works great.

As with all of our sites, they are bespoke from the ground up, so as Pain Spa progress we can add any new layouts or make any changes needed, quickly and effectively.

Pain Spa Web Design Bristol

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