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I have nothing but praise for Eldo Web Design. We dealt with Scott and he was always prompt in his actions and replies. They have built our company a wonderful website that is easy to use/edit. Despite heavy graphic content, it is 97% faster than all other sites and has exceptionally SEO ratings. We are looking forward to doing further development in the near future.

At last here is a company who are true experts in their field! Sue Pierpoint, FlexiSail

A little bit about the project...

FlexiSail approached us after having trouble with their existing web design company and website. Their new site had only recently been launched but they were having problems with updating content and the website itself fell short in many aspects of SEO and user experience. They also had no access to their domain and hosting, which is never a good thing!

We see it all too many times where a business hires a Marketing or Media company who offer several services with web deign and build being one of them. In our experience these companies may be experts in certain fields but the actual website build seems to be an after thought. FlexiSail is a good example of this. The site had awful issues on mobile and poor user experience on certain pages on all devices. It had been built with a horrible ‘page builder’. It was a classic case of a “web design” company using an off-the-shelf theme and a page builder to “build” a website. Which by the way, takes almost no coding or web experience whatsoever.

Step one – Get control

Firstly we gained access to the website and database so we could move everything to new hosting purchased directly by FlexiSail. It’s soooo important that a company has access to their own domain and site files. You never know what will happen in the future and if the company you are trusting to hold everything disappears… so does your site and domain!

Step two – Do the magic!

This design and build took several months due to the size of the site and getting everything from design to structure to content just right. We worked closely with Richard, Sue and the FlexiSail team throughout. The site needed a big overhaul, with far too many pages, excess content and poor structure. We deleted dozens of pages, reorganised the menu and created lots of dynamic linking to save editing time and keep things consistent. The design is clean and fresh.

FlexiSail now have a website they are proud of

The website now has strong branding and context, is easy to edit, has consistent design across all screen sizes and performs extremely well in performance and SEO tests…  we knew it would of course :)

Flexisail Web Design

Flexisail Web Design

Flexisail Web Design

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