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I selected Eldo from three local web design companies at similar price levels. I needed a very quick solution and felt that I always expect more than I receive from web companies so knew that getting this decision right was going to be really important. From the first email communication I could tell that they were efficient and on the ball but it wasn't till I met them that I understood just what a slick operation they are running. To be honest it made the selection very easy and I never regretted my choice even for a second.

They listened to my brief, asking all the right questions and were very happy to put forward their opinions and help me to understand what I could expect. Then they absolutely delivered on every point on time and on budget with a calm, organised, no fuss attitude and I felt in such safe hands.

The end result was a beautiful website that I am really proud of and after a quick training session with them, I also felt 100% confident about being able to manage it myself going forward as it is neat, organised and intuitive.

I honestly can't rate them highly enough and feel genuinely excited that there are companies like this out there and I found one. Linda, Tiziri Camp

A little bit about the project...

Tiziri Camp was a brand new venture and concept when the owner, Linda approached us for help. They had a logo, they had a camp being built but didn’t have a website to show it off!

This project developed over several months as new content was provided, based on the progress of the camps build and grand opening.

The website itself is very monotone, utilising the brand tones and brought to life by the bright colourful images of the camp and its surroundings. We have created several different layout ‘blocks’ for the team to easily add new content, as and when they need. Be it more testimonials, galleries, calls to action or just some good ol’ text.

With a custom booking form to enable users to get in touch, the website does a great job of showcasing the experience users can enjoy at Tiziri Camp. The team have everything they need to make sure this website continues to act as a great selling tool for the foreseeable future, with the possibility of auto booking directly on the website in future.

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