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The team at Eldo Web Design are great to work with. I would recommend their web design skills without hesitation. They produced exactly what we wanted and have made the ongoing editing of the website uncomplicated and logical. Diane, Caboodle Food

A little bit about the project...

Caboodle Food approached us after attempting (a couple of times) to create their own website using well known (and heavily advertised) website builders. You know the ones – “anyone can build a website”. As they soon found out, it’s an empty promise, so the team knew it was time to call in the professionals.

A local company, Caboodle popped in on numerous occasions throughout this project so we could talk through progress and plans. The website itself is a bit of a monster. Definitely not achievable to the level of polish, high SEO, speed, user-friendliness and ease of editing we provide all our clients.

The site has four parts to it. It has many static informational pages, a full-on blog with categories and tags, a recipe catalogue and an online shop for digital downloads, physical products and affiliate links. Lots going on!

Completly on-brand the website looks and feels great, managing to guide users through the myriad of offerings, easily. It’s a site that can grow and grow as the team quickly and easily add new content.

As with all our websites, it is super simple for Caboodle Food to edit, update and grow as business and user needs change. We are always here to support them as and went they need something new or have a question.

Hosted on our Eldo Premium Hosting the website is fast, safe, backed up, monitored and kept up to date, always!​​​

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