The modern age is awesome. Technology has allowed us to live in worlds we never imagined (and allowed Eldo to exist as a business!).

However, we’re very aware that the modern world also brings about a lot of negatives. Global warming and the damage we inflict on the planet every minute of every day is one of the biggest issues.

To do our bit, as well as using hosting run on 100% renewable electricity, we are now taking part in a tree-planting scheme that allows us to offset our carbon footprint.

For every human we employ we plant as many trees as needed each year to offset that employee’ CO2 impact on the world. Then for every website, we launch for our clients we plant more trees!

We have a nice little Eldo forest growing.

The Eldo Forest

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Written by Scott Eldo

Eldo was a teenage nickname, and it stuck. Scott loves a challenge, hates not knowing how to do something and prides himself on his annoying desire to get everything just right. After building websites for well over a decade, he launched Edo™ Web Design Full time and hasn't looked back.

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We're offsetting our carbon footprint. Check out the Eldo Forest.