Web Design can be anywhere

It is the ‘World Wide Web’ after all. So, you’re based in London or Liverpool or Edinburgh, or anywhere for that matter and need a Web Design and Development company. You don’t need to just google companies based in your location – this limits your options. Lots of Web Design companies work across the UK and the world on a regular basis. We are lucky that we can do this, but that makes you lucky too.

The world has gotten a lot smaller over the last decade.

Gone are the days when talking to someone overseas meant long distance phone calls with awkward cross-talking and pauses to counteract the delay. If you can attend someone’s wedding now without physically being there we can certainly discuss Web Design from a distance!

We can work from anywhere

Ok, so I wouldn’t get my laptop that close to the water… but you get the idea right?!

Skype, FaceTime, iMessage even good old email mean we can connect to people all over the UK and the world, pretty much instantly and (so long as there’s a good connection) even in High Definition.

Even the most complex of projects can be built on popular open formats like WordPress and the need for fully bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) is fading. This makes the process of editing your site easier than ever and very well documented. We make the admin side of your site fool-proof so there is no need for face to face training at all in most situations. Just a good old chat and a few screenshots can do it.

As Web Designers and Developers we can work anywhere we need to. Literally. We don’t even need internet for development purposes.

At Eldo Web Design we work alongside clients from all over the UK and all over the world. Just because you’re in Timbuktu and we’re not doesn’t mean we can’t create something great together.

I’m assuming they get WiFi in space…

All types of folk from all over the globe

We’ve worked with dating coaches in Texas, car dealers in Australia, travel bloggers who are spread across the globe, shutters and blinds companies in Southampton, training companies selling online products globally, accountants in Chichester, actors in Surrey, singers in London the list goes on and on.

90% of our clients have one thing in common – we’ve never met them face to face.

The main focus is doing the job properly, and we will do that using whatever method of communication makes sense for that project. Email, skype, face-time, even carrier pigeon if we have to (okay, maybe not carrier pigeon). See our projects page for proof that it works.

So don’t feel you need to go local when it comes to hiring a Web Design and Development company – global is the new local and why should you settle. Get in touch and see how we can help you with your current or future web design and development project… it could be the start of something pretty amazing… even from a distance.

Scott Eldo

Written by Scott Eldo

Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a part-time freelancer from a desk in my house. Now we're a fully-fledged small team building from our shiny office. Boom!

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