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We get some nice emails sent in to the Eldo Web Design office/studio/room/hideaway or whatever we are calling it today. Some are during projects from clients who are just bursting to tell us how much fun they’re having, some are after projects from clients super chuffed with their result. We also receive emails from random people that just like what we do and feel the need to tell us. I figured it was time we celebrated that fact so I present to you a brand new shiny page – Clients Words.

A nice little collection of some of the emails that have really put a smile on my face. Enjoy (the link is in the first paragraph).

Scott Eldo

Written by Scott Eldo

Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a part-time freelancer from a desk in my house. Now we're a fully-fledged small team building from our shiny office. Boom!

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