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What a difference 9 months makes eh? No we’re not giving birth, at least not to a human. Congratulations Mr Eldo, it’s a baby office! On June 13th 2016 we move into our own office at the Innovation Centre in Lee on Solent. And we are super, super excited about the whole thing!

Started from the bedroom…

Eldo Web Design has been a freelance gig for many years now. I mainly use a large screen iMac so have always needed a space to work. A lot of my peers can get by on laptops but I am far more productive on my iMac than my Macbook. For that reason, I also need a desk. Now, the desk at my house has been on many adventures, in many parts of the house but found its settled home about a year or so ago – when I stormed the small bedroom of my home and declared myself king (the two year at the time put up a brave fight, and it was a shame to sell him – JOKE).

Since then Eldo Web Design has gone full time and clients (therefore workloads) are growing every month. Local clients are well and truly on the up, which is great news, but does mean more face to face meetings. Last week alone I was on the road four times which is a big chunk of travelling time that could be spent making magic. The company has grown too big for a small bedroom and needed to hit the big wide world!

Now we’re here!

I looked at several options and routes. Friends offered me desks in their offices, there are ‘hot desk’ environments I could have tried… I even got offered an actual estate agents office when I went to talk to them!

One thing I knew was this had to be Eldo Web Designs office, no one else. We do things a bit differently as anyone who as worked with us knows, and sitting in someones else space and home doesn’t feel right.

I looked at the Innovation Centre in Lee on Solent just over a month ago. The centre manager is great and the building is barely a year old and has everything a company could ever need (shower anyone?). I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure. It’s still an office inside an office essentially and I didn’t want to feel too ‘trapped’. Then last week the call came that an office opened up so we went to see it…

The unit is 204 sq ft, end of the main corridor. It’s big, bright, has its own alarm, 24/7 access, 100mb broadband… Winner winner chicken dinner.

Eldo Web Design
The kitchen area in the Innovation Centre. Our door is on the right, at the end of the main walkway.

Plus, if you like planes, there are dozens of them outside the window taking off! (it’s in Daedalus airfield)

Let the planning begin

I’ve got the furniture all mapped out and most of it is ordered. The office will have two large desks for myself and my talented colleagues that I work alongside from time to time. There’s going to be a sofa and large screen TV for viewing sites and training clients (and the odd bit of Netflix I’m sure) which is a huge step up from viewing sites on my laptop in a coffee shop!

Once we’re in come on down for a cuppa and say hello! (I appreciate the cost of a plane ticket is probably not worth seeing my face for some of you, but let’s Skype and I’ll show you round!).

Eldo Web Design – A Freelance Web Design and Development Company. Sounds awesome.

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