Small Changes You Can Make To Strengthen Your Brand

We are in the process of handling several web related projects for Mildren Construction Limited. After being impressed with our attention to detail and work so far with the websites, they tasked us with designing many of their internal and external marketing materials too.

They were looking to improve their internal publications and use their new clean, crisp, modern branding. After a meeting (and lots of tea drinking!) we discussed areas that we all agreed the design can be added to or improved upon. We decided to focus on their client facing tender publication first. This gets sent out to potential clients showcasing why Mildren Construction are the perfect company for the project.

This needed the ‘wow’ factor to be added, to reflect the quality of work Mildren Construction produce.

The publication itself has many areas that could be made more visually engaging, without losing the important content. The only other requirement they had, was that it needed to be amended internally, so the design had to be engaging and easy for non-InDesign (we use ‘Adobe InDesign’ for these types of projects) users to use. Not a very common request from a client but one we were more than happy to indulge.

First things first…

We started looking into the way the document was actually presented, as we wanted it to make a statement the moment it arrives on Mildren’s prospective clients desk. They currently send it in a white ring binder in a plain white envelope. Below are few ideas that we researched for them. They range from pre-printed binders to designing the tabs to help split up the sections of the document.

Then came the design…

Then we got down to the nitty gritty of designing the pages and layouts for the various sectors. Making sure the design was clean and professional with strong branding throughout was key. Getting the balance between a design that looks good and gets the right information across is not something to be taken lightly. It’s very easy to end up with a product that looks good but makes no sense, or something that reads well but is not engaging.

Below is a mood-board of the new ‘look and feel’ we presented to Mildren to help strengthen their brand through this publication.

Mildren Construction Graphic Design

Mildren loved the new look and layouts and we continue to work with them on several print related projects… and websites too, of course!

Nathan Lloyd

Written by Nathan Lloyd

Having built sites for large corporations and even celebrities, Nathan's experience as a Web Designer & Developer speaks for itself. Always innovating and testing new technologies, he loves taking on new challenges and increasing his skillset.

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