• Each cost shown is per calendar year. We will contact you approximately four weeks before your renewal date each year, with your next years’ invoice.
  • Eldo Hosting is managed hosting, purely for your Eldo Web Design Ltd built website.
  • ‘Managed hosting’ means you will not have direct access to the files and database, to ensure their security and performance. You still own your website, and if needed, we can provide full copies of this at any time, free of charge. You will always have a login to access the website itself to make content edits.
  • We will not hold your domain registration or email accounts. These would stay at your current provider and would ‘point’ to your website on our Eldo Website Hosting.
  • Whilst we endeavour not to have to change server IP address, situations may arise when we will need access to or your cooperation to change your domain’s DNS to avoid any downtime.
  • Should your website encounter any problems directly related to your hosting, we would resolve this as soon as possible at no extra cost. However, any issues caused by external sources (plugins, malicious activity, etc.) may be chargeable, and we would agree on a fee before any work occurs.
  • Security updates to your website take place daily as and when patches and updates are available.
  • ‘Maintenance’ involves the updates and security patches of the WordPress website. Content, layout, design and functionality changes are not included in this.
  • We use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the servers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 100% availability (uptime). Should this not be the case for any reason, we will provide an update as frequently as possible until full restoration of service.
  • While we endeavour to ensure 100% availability, we are not liable for any monetary losses during any ‘downtime’ other than the cost of our service.
  • You may cancel your website hosting with us at any time, and we will provide you with a full copy of your website files and database. However, we do not offer refunds for any term of the service unused.

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