We offer high quality managed Eldo™ Website Hosting & Maintenance packages for every website we build.

Website Hosting

Where your website lives on the web has a significant impact on its performance, SEO, speed, and security. Not all web hosts use the latest file and database technology, offer SSL certificates, backups and many other things you probably haven’t even thought of.

With our hosting, we know your website will perform to the best of its ability on a modern server that offers everything your awesome website deserves. Don’t worry; we’ll be sure to recommend the right package for the job at hand.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Website Maintenance

Any website with a ‘content management system’ allowing you to edit and update the site comes with security threats. Regular security updates to the website’s plugins and its core functionality handle these ever-increasing threats.

Sound scary? Not to worry, our website hosting has ongoing maintenance and monitoring included, so you don’t have to do a thing. We ensure your site is continuously updated with the latest security to help prevent the worst from happening.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Website Hosting & Maintenance Packages

Eldo Premium

£195+VAT per year

Suitable for small/average size, regular traffic websites

  • Includes a free SSL certificate, so your website is flagged as secure in the browser (padlock), and users can browse and use your website safely.
  • We utilise fast, secure servers using the latest technologies to make sure your website performs to the best of its ability.
  • Sufficient storage to let your site grow as your business does.
  • Auto security updates to ensure your website's functionality has the latest security and updates, giving you peace of mind and saving you time.
  • Daily, 7-day rolling backups are made of your website and stored separately from your website hosting for security.
  • Uptime monitoring for peace of mind that your website is up, even when you aren't.
  • 100% green hosting run on 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind and sea.

Eldo Premium Plus

£349+VAT per year

Suitable for large websites, busy traffic websites & standard E-commerce websites

  • Includes all the features of our Premium Hosting
  • Double the power. 2X higher RAM and CPU, and double processes allowing more intense or popular websites to stay fast and online.
  • Unlimited storage so you don't have to worry about how many pages, images, products or assets you add to your website.

Eldo Bespoke


For websites with unique specifications, functionality & requirements

  • Depending on the nature of a website, sometimes a bespoke solution is more suitable. For example - more regular backups, higher resources, high volumes of traffic or large spikes of traffic, PCI compliance and many more reasons.

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