The team at Eldo have designed websites for three of my professional projects and have been amazing to work with on each one. The websites are beautiful, simple, and engaging to make accessing complex information easy for visitors, and the WordPress-based content management systems that Eldo provide are really easy to use for us to maintain our content. They have been so patient while I've had to learn about how to create websites and the endless questions that this has generated on my part. Thank you Eldo team! Lulu, Westcott Space ClusterMore Testimonials

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A little bit about the Westcott Space Cluster website project...

We have worked with the team at Satellite Applications Catapult for many years now on many projects. As their business and locations have expanded, we’ve designed and developed websites to promote and aid the company.

This new project was a ‘full circle’ moment, combining a handful of websites into a more manageable easier to navigate showcase.

Keeping the navigation clean and allowing each ‘Centre’ to keep some of its own branding was the key to making this successful.

The new website combines six centres’ worth of information. With colour labelling, filters and easy-to-use navigation it’s easier than ever to see what the Wescott Space Cluster consists of. Even more importantly it’s even easier for the team to manage. using simple dropdowns and tickboxes, they can add content and make sure it appears in the right place with the correct branding.

Hosted on our Eldo Premium Hosting, the website is safe, backed up, monitored and kept up to date, always!​​​


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