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A little bit about the project...

VWP Waste Processing had an existing website. However, it was very basic, using an off the shelf template. So Gordon got in touch to see how we could help with our bespoke offerings.

After a great chat about the advantages of building bespoke and the shortcomings of the existing templated site, he signed up, and we got to work!

Using this as an excellent opportunity to refresh and add more content to the site, Gordon sent over a revised site map and some extra content. We used this info to design layouts and structures that best fit the content and made for the best user experience and SEO.

The result is a clean, easy to navigate site that, although it contains a lot of information, the layouts and structure keep the user engaged as they move down the pages.

The website is hosted on our Eldo™ Premium Hosting the website is safe, backed up, monitored and always kept up to date.

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