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Scott and his team took care of our website redesign and made the process smooth and trouble-free from beginning to end. They did a great job of explaining the whole process and ensuring that all of the things that usually put us off redesigning a website were sorted! We were really happy with how they were able to take our thoughts and turn them into a design we really liked. Most of all, were we very impressed with their coordination with our site hosting so that we were hands-off, but still updated, the whole way through and could simply watch the whole thing fall into place!
We will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again! Jonathan, Two Monkeys Travel

A little bit about the project...

Eldo Web Design started its life primarily building Travel Blogs, and we still get regular enquiries to build new ones, which is great. Two Monkeys Travel had seen our name on the bottom of other high-profile blogs so got in touch to see if we could help them with a redesign of their current website.

This is a WordPress website and by far the largest (in physical size) we have ever worked on. The entire website was 25GB in size with over 50 pages and 1,500 blog posts. This makes this kind of redesign project much more complex.

It’s not just a case of building a new website. We have to make sure that existing content and URLs stay intact. Taking every plugin and custom box into consideration to ensure that existing functionality and content all make it to the new website.

Spring cleaning as we go too, of course, to get things as quick and lean as possible!

Two Monkeys Travel now have a great custom admin area, to allow them to not only write engaging articles but to create archives and pages that are easy to populate. They can add entire categories of posts to any page, pick a handful of articles by simply ticking boxes and have them automatically look great for their users. Along with a clickable map, and several different layouts to present their content they have everything they need to keep growing this already vast collection of articles.

The website structure allows for great SEO too, allowing them to add extra content where needed to give the user more info on their chosen topic. Also Allowing for their Ad providers to do what they need to deploy their ads.

Design wise, the website is more clean, modern and ‘modular’ than the old website. The team now have a website they are super proud of!

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