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Absolutely first class service from a "very" capable web design team. The whole process from start to finish has been excellent and we couldn't have asked for more. John, Tecsew

A little bit about the project...

Tecsew are based just down the road from us here in Lee-on-the-Solent. After a quick google, they were pleasantly surprised to see they had a web design studio so close! John got in touch and invited us over for a chat.

The Tecsew website is a monster (in a good way, not the scary kind). It has over 2000 unique URL pages, posts, boat covers and all sorts. Built using Joomla, the website needed a complete overhaul and John was keen to get the website moved into a WordPress CMS, for ease of editing. After a good chat about the plans and goals for the new site, we got to work.

Half of the work for this website, you’ll never see in your browser. The cleanup, redirects and technical work that goes into the migration of a project this large is not something to be taken lightly. We had to ensure all URLs structures, although changed and improved on, redirected correctly, and that all images and content from the existing website were migrated successfully.

After completing the migration, the fun began. We had a blast creating a new design and layouts to display the existing content. The navigation has also been changed to give the user a better experience. The overall website and page structure also lends to the improved SEO of the website.

Tecsew then popped over for some training to see how easy we have made it for them to grow the website, add boat covers, pages, downloads, news posts etc.

Then after a few weeks cleaning up, testing, optimising and making sure the company had everything they needed – we went live!


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