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Having a small personal business that was ticking along nicely with a basic website worked fine for a while, but when I wanted to up the stakes a little (ie take my business seriously!) I wanted a website designer that would be able to 'get' my vision of how to portray my services rather than go with the normal kind of design that is used in my field of business.

That was exactly what I got when I spoke to Scott and his team at Eldo Web Design! They 'got' ME, they 'got' how I wanted MY business to look to the outside world, they consulted me every step of the way, they didn't rush me to make decisions and they assisted my training so that I can update the website in the future. All at a price that I felt was appropriate to my size of business.

If you are thinking about your website, I would strongly suggest you speak to Scott and his team at the earliest point possible, it will save time and give you focus for what you want to achieve and ultimately give you prime position on the best advertising platform there is! Ruby, Ruby Tarot

A little bit about the project...

With small business owners, there comes a time when you feel you need to take the next step and ‘up your game’. This is exactly how Ruby felt before she approached us for a possible redesign of her website.

Ruby already had a website and branding in place but it no longer represented the level of her services and quality that she offered. As she lived locally she popped in for a nice long chat around her vision for the company and what the website needed to do. We gave Ruby a quote that fit within her budget and got cracking!

We gave the existing logo a ‘spruce up’ to give it a cleaner, more modern and professional look. Still keeping the core character and font style of course. This gave us a stronger platform for the website design.

The bulk of our time was spent organising the sites flow and structure. It’s important that this is perfect, otherwise any design is pointless – if users cant make sense of anything, they will leave no matter how pretty it is. We worked out the perfect user journey and made sure that each page had a natural flow to the next relevant page where possible.

Equally as important to us is the clients use of the website. We build our sites so our clients can continue to edit and add to them for the foreseeable future. We made sure Ruby can easily add services, shop items and update text and images as needed. This gives her the freedom to make quick changes if needed to promote new services, offers etc without relying on anyone else. Perfect.

Ruby loved the end product and loved the process of getting there just as much. We thrive on working with our clients to get the perfect site for them and their users – this site was certainly no exception.

Ruby Tarot Web Design Hampshire

Ruby Tarot Web Design Hampshire

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