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Websites are a tricky thing. Done badly and they are awful, done properly and they are effortless and awesome. The tricky thing for me has always been finding the right people to work with. Guys that wouldn’t drown me in technical blurb and that could take the brief of what I wanted and deliver it swiftly – and more importantly – without creating stress or extra work.

Eldo Web Design did just that. They were just brilliant from the first contact, and they maintained that brilliance throughout the whole process. They took the ideas of what I wanted, and they delivered way beyond anything I could have hoped for. The themes, the colours, the layout, the compositions. It’s all bespoke too. They made it from scratch, and that’s something very cool. This isn’t template work. This is creating art that merges with ease-of-use.
Plus, they were super easy to talk to and communicate with. Nothing was a problem. They made the whole thing seamless and a pleasure to go through.

The end result is that I have an exceptional website at a fair price that delivers exactly what I need, but more than that, I have a relationship with a company I now trust and respect, and that’s something very few companies can achieve.
I will definitely be staying with Eldo Web Design. Rich, RR Haywood

A little bit about the project...

RR Haywood is an Amazon, Wall Street Journal & Washington Post – Best-selling Author. With over a million books downloaded, it’s fair to say he’s very good at what he does! His current website had become very outdated and did not reflect any of his latest works. A quick email and phone call later and we were on the case!

The new site needed to carry over his existing works and blog posts but needed a dramatic redesign. As RR Haywood produces new content, he needs a platform where he can easily showcase and provide purchase links, in a consistent way – but still be able to tailor each of the respective books page to its own design.

The end result is just that. A clean, ‘black on white’ easy to use website and blog with more tailored designed pages for the respective page of each of his works.

The site is editable, so blog posts can keep flowing easily and new download links, and projects can easily be incorporated.

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