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Eldo was a great company to work with. They were reasonably priced compared to other companies I had been in contact with and were with me every step of the way. The editing process is very hands on but easy to get to grips with and understand. Even leading up to the date of launch I was still getting email replies throughout the weekend which put my mind at ease. If I speak to anyone needing a website in the future, Eldo will most definitely be my recommendation. 5 STARS from me! Jake, Print London

A little bit about the project...

Print London got in touch looking for a new e-commerce website to be built. We jumped on a call with the owner, Jake and explained our process and discussed what the company needed.

Print London have big plans for the future and it was important for us to make sure we understood not just what was needed right now but what may be needed in the future. This allows us to ensure the foundations we build are suitable for extra functionality and saves Print London extra costs in the long run.

The site is a full eCommerce setup and super easy for the team to keep it up to date with the latest products and content. With lots of functionality allowing for bulk discounts, coupons, gathering bespoke order information it ticks all the boxes that needed to be ticked right now.

The team are super pleased with not only the design but the ease of use and will be back in touch when the next block of functionality is needed.

Hosted on our Eldo Premium Hosting the website is safe, backed up, monitored and kept up to date, always!​​​

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