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A little bit about the project...

Lumico Digital are a mobile app development company. A lot of people get confused between what web designers, developers, app developers etc actually do and if they are actually the same. The bottom line is that we all have our specialities and do very different things for very different platforms and audiences. Lumico are experts at apps but knew that to get the best website they could they needed to enlist web design experts. Oh, hi!

We were replacing what was essentially a basic one page site with something more elaborate and detailed. Lumico have taken the time to have their text content crafted by a professional to make sure that their message comes across in the right way. Our job was to make this look great and flow on the web.
Depending on when you read this article, the site itself may be very different. We launched with minimal content and have been growing the site ever since.

This is the beauty of how we build our websites…

This is the beauty of how we build… with flexibility and scalability in mind, always. The site is built using page templates we have created allowing for adding, moving and removing sections of content easily. We even have a whole case studies section created just waiting for content too that will then go live.

There’s no thrills or special functionality here. Simply a clean, modern, well-crafted site. With high performance and SEO scores and being easy to edit, this site will last Lumico Digital for some time to come.

Lumico Digital Web Design

Lumico Digital Web Design

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