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A little bit about the project...

This was a ‘Designers Assemble’ project. A collaboration between Eldo Web Design and the amazing Jo at RAD Creative. The ability for Eldo Web Design to work alongside talented graphic designers like Jo is one of the many perks of being freelance.

This is how we do it

This project came to me via Jo. She knew the client and handled all the branding and meetings. She supplied Eldo Web Design the PSDs (photoshop files) for all the site’s pages and content and away I went.

I can’t stress enough how flexible in their work graphic designers like Jo need to be when fleshing out websites in Photoshop and Illustrator. A website is not a poster. It moves, it changes size and reacts differently on every browser, every device, every display setting…

Once Jo handed over the designs we sat down and had a good chat about Jo’s vision for the site, what each area and button is for, why it was there, what the end game of the site was and many more important areas.

We leave our egos at the door during these meetings

Jo’s design skills, my design and development skills are not important at this stage. If something doesn’t work, it gets changes, if something will affect user experience, it gets changed. It could be the best bit of design ever to be produced but if its not achieving the purpose of that area of the site, it has to change.

Image meet browser

On projects where we provide the client with visuals before-build we refer to them as ‘Look and Feels’. Why?

A static image can never truly represent a living and breathing website.

Things will change. Padding, sizes, ratios will change depending on screen sizes and devices. You don’t get to interact with an image and inevitably when that image becomes something that needs to function and work, as well as look great, some things need to change – for the better.

With Lewis Brownlee we stuck 95% identical to the designs provided by RAD Creative. The other 5%, well that’s where user experience had to take centre stage.

Design has to meet usability

Maybe the buttons were too close together for touch screens, the layout didn’t feel right across multiple screen sizes, the colours didn’t contrast enough on a monitor, the font rendered too thick on Chrome… there are many many reasons why an original design changes during development.

For the Lewis Brownlee project, none of those issues arose (well done, Jo) but there were a couple of interactive elements that were simply left to Eldo Web Design to run with. Interactive elements are important on websites to keep users interested, bring attention to important areas or to just look awesome. In this project, a couple of pages had a lot of info to display that would have been very long and bland if just listed out. So, we made it fun and interactive…

Heres a clip of the one of the ‘cooler’ animations from the site, neat eh?

Once the site was built on the Eldo Web Design server, the temporary link was sent to Jo to check over, then onto the client to login and edit content etc as needed.

Once the site was completed, it was moved to Lewis Brownlee’s own hosting and launched. Boom!

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