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Absolutely love working with Eldo Web Design. We are repeat customers and have used their services for two website designs. We couldn't be more pleased!

Scott and his team are super easy to work with and are incredibly responsive, organised, and above all else - talented! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone! Randi, Just a Pack

A little bit about the project...

We built Just a Pack’s original and first website nearly 6 years ago! Times have changed a lot since then but the original website was ahead of its time in many ways and has withstood the many challenges websites have faced over the years, having to work on all new devices and changes in SEO etc.

This is a WordPress website and over the 6 years the website has amassed hundreds of pages and posts and 5GB worth of media in its library! This makes this kind of redesign project much more complex.

It’s not just a case of building a new website. We have to make sure that existing content and urls stay intact. Taking every plugin and custom box into consideration to ensure that existing functionality and content all makes it to the new website.

Just a Pack now have a great custom admin area, to allow them to not only write engaging articles but to create archives and pages that are easy to populate. They can add entire categories to any page, pick a handful of articles and pages by simply ticking boxes and have them automatically look great for their users.

The website structure allows for great SEO too, allowing them to add extra content where needed to give the user more info on their chosen topic.

Design wise, the website is far more modern and ‘modular’ than the old website, meaning that they can add and remove sections as needed to any page to make sure this lasts the team many more years to come!

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