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Highly recommend Eldo Web Design for their support, advice, technical expertise, VFM and all-round friendliness. The UX and SEO are excellent as is the mobile friendliness and speed to load. Great work from Scott and the team! Darren Thurston, Herald HR Ltd

A little bit about the project...

Herald HR are a startup company based in Hampshire. They approached us at the early stages of formation, looking for a logo and website. As a startup, the company was still being organised and its direction was still written in pencil. Our job was to get the branding nailed so Darren could focus on the business side of things.

The Branding

The branding came first. We presented Herald HR with several ideas, all different styles to get some initial reactions and thoughts. Immediately one stood out and after some tiny revisions the Herald HR logo was born. We also produced some clean and professional business cards for the team with a blank front so they can scribble notes and information relevant to their recipient – nice touch.

Herald HR Web Design Hampshire

Herald HR Web Design Hampshire

The Website

Once the branding was set the rest of the site could continue. There is no clever functionality, payments or logins on the site so our focus was making it user friendly and professional yet personal to get across Herald HR’s ethos.

The site has lots of interlinking to allow users to continue their journey through the site and lots of subtle animation to add to the experience. As with all of our sites, they are bespoke from the ground up, so as Herald HR grow we can add any new layouts or make any changes needed, quickly and effectively.

Herald HR Web Design Hampshire

Herald HR Web Design Hampshire

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