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A little bit about the project...

Green Energy Installations UK needed a brand-new website for the Stoves Installation side of the business. After a few phone calls with the owner, Steve, we worked out exactly what was needed and got to work!

The company already had their logo and branding created elsewhere so our job was to get this and their content into a clean easy to navigate website with strong SEO so that the business could target its users as needed.

The site has a great flow with simple pages and links leading users through the website as they go. Along with strong ‘call to actions’, it does exactly what is needed to give users the info they need and have them get in touch for more.

As with all of our websites, nothing is ever ‘baked’ in. As GEIUK Stoves business and services change and new case studies arise they can easily edit the content and layouts of the website themselves. Then as they develop a need for new sections and functionality, we are here to make that happen!

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