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We came to Eldo after a false start with another company, that left us frustrated and disillusioned with the project. However, from the very first conversation, Scott and his team reinvigorated the project, they injected great ideas in terms of design, content and functionality. The site has evolved before our eyes, with that our ideas changed, but at no point did the team become frustrated with our constant changes, every change was taken on board and implemented rapidly. The site launches tomorrow, and instead of being embarrassed by our concept which was how our first supplier had left us, we are thoroughly excited about showing off our new Eldo site. I can’t praise them enough and recommend them wholeheartedly. Andy, George Mainwaring

A little bit about the project...

The majority of projects we work on are for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but now and again we get a more ‘personal’ project land on our door. The George Mainwaring website is precisely that.

A project started by two family members to make sure that George’s painting and work have somewhere they can be seen by all and preserved on the web.

As well as the website design and build, the family asked us to create a new logo and branding for the project, too.

All involved are super pleased with the outcome, the dog logo is based on one of George sketches, and the overall design of the website is clean, warm and friendly.

The Mainwaring family now have an excellent website to preserve George’s paintings for the foreseeable future and can also offer prints to buy directly from the site.

Hosted on our Eldo™ Premium Hosting the website is fast, safe, backed up, monitored and kept up to date, always!​​​

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