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A training school exclusively for FlexiSail Members.

Lymington, Hampshire

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I have nothing but praise for Eldo Web Design. We dealt with Scott and he was always prompt in his actions and replies. They have built our company a wonderful website that is easy to use/edit. Despite heavy graphic content, it is 97% faster than all other sites and has exceptionally SEO ratings. We are looking forward to doing further development in the near future.

At last here is a company who are true experts in their field! Sue, FlexiSail Training

A little bit about the project...

Having previously redesigned and built Flexisail’s main company website, the team reached out to see what we could with their self-made training website. They had a Wix made website (that they had been struggling with) to allow their members to book events and courses.

The current training website was letting both Flexisail employees and their members down. It had many inconsistencies, was very hard to edit and didn’t cater for the membership functionality the website and its users needed. So we got to work…

Design wise, the website follows the colours and branding of their main company website, so this was never an issue, the functionality was where the work was needed. After many conversations with the team at Flexisail, we created an online membership system that caters for their needs.

The website is fully editable so Flexisail can add and remove events, training and content, as they need to. Setting up a new event takes a matter of minutes and dynamically populates in to the website, based on the boxes they tick in the backend. They can also easily add and remove member access.

Website members can purchase tickets to training and events directly through the website, using debt or credit card.

The website is now a dynamic, easy to navigate, easy to edit tool for Flexisail to use. They no longer have to waste hours trying to advertise events and training, and with a simplified ticketing/payment process, its much easier for their members too.

As with all of our websites, nothing is ever ‘baked’ in. As Flexisail adapts and they develop a need for new sections and functionality, we are here to make that happen!

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