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A little bit about the project...

Excel Power are linked to another one of our client’s companies, Hampshire Generators. We designed and built Hampshire Generators a full e-commerce store last year and they were so happy they got in touch for us to work our magic on their Excel Power website.

This website is essentially a shop format with product categories and filters for users to find what they need. With data sheets and other downloads, users are then directed to find a distributor rather than purchasing directly through the store, like the Hampshire Generators website. Instead, it gives the users the information they need and directs them a distributor.

The website has the ability to upgrade to a full e-commerce set up in the future if needed. It’s important for us to understand what our clients may need to do in the future, so we can make provisions for that in our build. That way we can save time and money for future developments of the website.

The end product is exactly what the Excel Power needs right now, on-brand, clean, easy to navigate for user, easy to add products and edit for the team. You could say, we’ve got the power (poor pun intended).

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