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I first contacted Eldo based on the stellar reviews they had and wondered if they really could be that good. From the moment I first spoke with Scott I was confident they were the right developer for us and I can’t praise them highly enough. They have done an excellent job on our website, the price was competitive and nothing has been too much trouble for them – even when I asked for something and later changed my mind! I would have no hesitation in recommending Eldo to anyone else. You’ll be well looked after. Sean, Evalian

A little bit about the project...

Evalian are in the Data Protection & Information Security industry and it was time to get a professional website out there, to highlight all of their services and a place for prospective clients to get in touch.

Principal consultant, Sean got in touch and then popped over for a meeting to discuss what was needed.

This website was going to be information heavy so it was important that we created suitable layouts and structure that helped Sean to break down that information, into more digestible chunks.

It was decided early on that the website would not contain any photos (apart from the blog). It’s not that often that a website has no photos but Evalian wanted to steer clear of any stock photography and concentrate on the content at hand. To counter this we have used lots of icons and geometric backgrounds to add some colour and engagement to pages.

The result is a very clean, colourful website. We have made lots of ‘parent-child’ relationships so Evalian can group certain pages and offer easy navigation between the group, allowing users to stay on the website and get all the info that they need.

The website also has a blog/news section allowing Evalian to quickly add posts, categorise them and share them across their social networks.

Finally, as Evalian are data protection company we of course made sure the website adheres to the latest GDPR policies (as we do to all of our websites)!

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