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A little bit about the project...

Devoted Films first approached us almost a year to the day we actually started working with them. This is certainly not uncommon. We often have enquiries and chats that come back to us months later to get started or in this case, 12 months later!

The company had two main websites, ‘Corporate’ and ‘Weddings’ along with a ‘splash screen’ website too. The plan was to revamp all three in one go! That’s a first for us, we’ve worked on multiple websites for the same client on many occasions but never three projects all at the same time! Because of the technical nature of the existing websites, it was not possible to launch just one at a time so we worked on all three and launched them at the same time.

The wedding website is clean, easy to navigate and has a lovely understated design with strong branding. As well as showcasing the team’s great work it also has a dedicated client section hiding away. Devoted Films can create personal pages unique to their clients to show them their work and allow them to download their digital files. It also holds the companies client schedules and booking forms. Much more than meets the eye!

With their live Instagram feed built into the website, it’s even easier for them to keep everything up to date across today’s multitude of platforms.

Devoted Films now have an easy to manage website that not only looks great but acts as a vital tool to manage their business and improve their client process and experience. Win-win!

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