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Eldo were recommended to me, and a great recommendation it turned out to be. The team were so pleasant and easy to work with, while also providing support, and good advice, where it was needed. I have no hesitation in saying that working with Eldo was a positive experience. Sarah, Content Change Consulting

A little bit about the project...

Sarah at Content Change Consulting first approached us to design a logo for her new business. She intended to take care of the website further down the line when the time came.

The logo was created, clean and simple but strong and recognisable. Along with the logo came fonts and colours that could be used across any marketing and, eventually, the website.

One year later, Sarah was ready for the website. She sent over her content, and we got to work. The result is a clean, easy to edit, on-brand website that Sarah can quickly grow and adapt as her business grows.

The website is hosted on our Eldo™ Premium Hosting the website is safe, backed up, monitored and always kept up to date.

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