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A little bit about the project...

Commonwealth Education Trust had a very outdated website. So much so that they simply took it down whilst arranging a new one to be designed and developed.

This project was very much a team effort between us, CET and their marketing agency.

The site itself developed and changed a lot throughout the build. New content, edits to content, change in graphics, colours… we had it all. If we didn’t build our sites bespoke we could never have been able to accommodate the changes made throughout.

Some website projects are simple to take from conception to launch – the content is created, the design put in place and it all comes together. Some websites take a lot more time and effort to make sure that the end product is perfect. Sometimes the client may request changes for business reasons (or personal), the scope may change over time as situations change, sometimes we disagree with content and sitemaps and advise changes for the better.

Lots of things come into play when building a website properly – SEO, speed, user experience, compatibility across devices… sometimes a simple few boxes on a page actually take a lot of work to get right in all areas.

The end website is one everyone is super pleased with. It has great performance scores, SEO scores, looks great, flows well and most importantly the client is confident in adding new content and adapting the site in their ever-changing industry. Job done.

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