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Scott, George, and Nathan at Eldo have designed websites for three of my professional projects and have been amazing to work with on each one. The websites are beautiful, simple, and engaging to make accessing complex information easy for visitors, and the WordPress-based content management systems that Eldo provide are really easy to use for us to maintain our content. They have been so patient while I've had to learn about how to create websites and the endless questions that this has generated on my part. Thank you Eldo team! Lulu, COLCO

A little bit about the project...

Satellite Applications Catapult got in touch because they needed to create a brand new website for COLCO. This new website is the place to go to find out all about who COLCO are and what they do.

The website needed to support their initiative by giving users all the information they need. Their objective is to attract more people to get involved in the work they are doing for Colombia’s cacao industry.

We were provided with most of the content of the website straight away. This always helps us! We then began to create the layouts and apply the design. Upon receiving feedback for the site, we tweaked some layouts to make sure everyone was happy.

We now have a site that is clean and modern, whilst providing an easy way for the site to be updated, as they expand.​

Hosted on our Eldo Premium Hosting the website is safe, backed up, monitored and kept up to date, always!​​​

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