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Over the years of designing and building websites for clients, you get to know the ‘sticking points’ of the process. The bits that slow things down and become repetitive. It’s important to learn from these, adapt and move on. That’s exactly why our new Client Portal has been created!

Once you’ve signed up for a new project with us, you will be sent the link to your dedicated Client Portal page. This page is your one stop shop to getting your website project off on the right foot, concentrating on content and structure –

Sitemap & Content Tracker

In the Sitemap & Content Tracker section you can see the proposed structure of your website. Everything is nice and clean and allows you to focus on the user journey, without being distracted by any website design.  We can make live updates to the sitemap to make sure we have the perfect structure for your users and your content.

In this section, you can also see what content is outstanding, to make it easier for you to focus your efforts on getting your content created.  What will you do once you’ve got all our content together?…

Eldo Web Design Client Portal
Sitemap Tracker Section

Content Upload

You’ll head to the ‘Content Upload’ section and get it sent straight over directly to us of course! We have a dedicated upload section allowing you to easily upload your images, documents and whatever else is needed. You can even do it straight from your phone!

This helps us to keep your content organised, gives you an easy place to send it over and with the large upload size available, is far more productive than email and other methods.

Eldo Web Design Client
Content Upload Section

Your Client Portal also has a ‘Videos’ section where we can  upload small tutorial videos and walkthroughs, if needed. These can be invaluable to help you to understand a particular idea or even as just a refresher on how to edit a particular section.

Having the Client Portal means that we can hit the ground running when designing and building your website. As always we provide you with link to the live development site at a relevant stage and this is also updated on your portal page for one click access.

This is yet another way we can make the process of working with Eldo Web Design simpler and more productive. We now offer card payments and hosting too so there’s never been a better time to get in touch!

Scott Eldo

Written by Scott Eldo

Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a part-time freelancer from a desk in my house. Now we're a fully-fledged small team building from our shiny office. Boom!

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