Google Mobile Sites Certified Hampshire

Shout it from the rooftops! Eldo Web Design are now officially Google Certified for Mobile Sites. Nathan and myself have passed our exams this week and are now the proud owners of our shiny ‘Mobile Sites Certification’ certificates. But what does this mean?!

Google Mobile Sites Certified Hampshire

We rock…

…or to be more accurate – we understand the ins and outs of designing and building websites that perform well on mobile devices. We always have, but now we have some Google Certified proof!

Our websites perform well everywhere of course as we carry out lots of thorough browser and device testing to ensure they do. To design and build a website that performs well on a mobile takes a lot of nerdy considerations to get right. Image compression, link padding, touch-responses, critical resource loading (yes, that’s a thing), page weight and many more boring terms.

Not all your users have fast 4G, not everyone uses an iPhone…

With mobile traffic well and truly taking over for many clients and companies it’s not enough to simply launch a ‘responsive’ site and hope it performs well on mobile devices anymore. It’s a skill that takes experience. Not all your users have fast 4G, not everyone uses an iOS device (iPhones and iPads). Many of our clients come to us not even aware of their current mobile traffic or potential mobile traffic. For starters, if you share articles and page links on social media then chances are your mobile traffic is going to be high, as the majority of users access social media on their mobiles.

Not sure if you’re website performs well on Mobile?

Get in touch and we can let you know any current issues and the best steps to get it right… we have certificates to prove it!

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