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Not everyone needs a fully bespoke website, we get that. Over the last six years of building fully bespoke websites, we’ve encountered many prospective clients that, put simply – didn’t need or couldn’t budget for what we offer.

Every client we have worked on a bespoke project for has been proud of our creations. And rightly so. A bespoke approach to your website is well worth the money. You get the exact website you and your users need, with no compromises.

Over the years, we’ve built soooo many different types of bespoke websites. Some are minimal, some full of content, some follow a traditional structure, others break the mould. Some have custom searches, some have bespoke interactive elements, some are online shops, some are informational, some cater for memberships… you get the idea.

But, who’s looking out for the little guy?

When clients come to us with smaller budgets and not much content, up to now it has not been possible for us to create a bespoke website for them and still pay our bills! A bespoke website takes a lot of work, interaction and time. So, they go off and find another company, normally ending with a single freelancer who can accommodate their budget.

We take a look a few months down the line and they have a website (normally hard to find on Google). More often than not a poor quality, off the shelf $60 WordPress theme, that looks disjointed, has poor structure, doesn’t fit well on all devices, has poor SEO and loads slowly…

Introducing Eldo GO!

Eldo GO! allows smaller businesses with smaller budgets and little content currently, an affordable way to Get Online and have an effective web presence. Using a bespoke website framework, built by us, adapted and built for you – in just one week.

A quick and easy process it’s perfect if you are looking for a clean, professional industry themed website for your users.

We can now cater for all size businesses and all business needs.

You can have a full read on our dedicated Eldo GO! page, just hit the button below!

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Scott Eldo

Written by Scott Eldo

Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a part-time freelancer from a desk in my house. Now a we're a fully fledged small team building from our shiny office. Boom!

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